The Kids are NOT Alright! The Truth about The Federal Debt and Intergenerational Equity

Is the Federal Debt a Total Nothingburger?     These are the things that should be measured and managed. (It's not what you think.) "AAAaaaaaahhhhh!!!!!   Zimbabweee!!!!!!!   Weimer Republicccc!!!!!!   Wheelbarrows full of Cashhhhh!!!!"   We're hearing the cries all over again.   The scaremongering over the Federal Debt and its potential for leading to hyperinflation.   What the Nervous Nellies don't elaborate on is a credible scenario outlining what exactly will go wrong.   Four FACTS need to be spelled out and understood: 1)   The US government is unlike a:         a. state,        b. municipality,        c. business, or        d. household,    in that it can issue its own currency. 2)   A sovereign (Treasury combined with the Federal Reserve Bank), like the US, that:        a. issues,        b. borrows in, and        c. floats its own currency, can NEVER run out of cash . 3)   The sovereign, like the US, can: